Smarter Software to Fix PST after msmapi32 dll Error

If Microsoft Outlook user is not able to understand the msmapi32 dll error, then it should be understood by the user that it is nothing but error caused when user tries to install older version of Outlook. It usually happens when user is content with the older version and to experience the charm of older Outlook version. Thus it can be understood as when user is previously using newer version like 2007 and later wants to install older version like 2003. So, in order to install 2003, user should uninstall 2007. Unstallation of newer version will get completed, but while installing the older version, user will encounter error message msmapi32 dll clearly mentioning that user needs to reinstall older version. User would like to install the older version at times when newer version fails to work properly. This usually happens when user was reinstalling the newer version but suddenly power goes off or user switches of the power button. Such a situation may tend the user to install older version and eventually end up facing msmapi32 dll error and damaging PST files. So, what can be done to avoid such errors leading to PST file damage or even saving PST file. This msmapi32 error can be removed my navigating for this file and replacing mspapi32.dll to msmapi32.old. This way PST files can be saved from getting damaged. An easier method is there to fix PST file due to such error. But before introducing it, some precautions should be considered.

 How PST can be saved?

Maintain backup of PST files. So, even after these files get damaged, we can get back those files by seeking the saved PST files. Use UPS, so that scenario leading to above mentioned error can be reduced to large extend. The way which was previously mentioned was to use third party application software to fix PST.

Software fixing PST:

One of the most acknowledged software in PST fix industry is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This software accurately repairs the damaged file and is trusted one among its users.

Additional features:        

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) clearly performs the operation to fixvarious types of error like CRC which happen in Outlook including fixing PST after msmapi32 dll. It hardly takes few minutes of time to repair all worst scenario damage cases in Outlook. Moreover, it is worthwhile notifying that the repair is error free in nature.  Remo Repair can perform the repairing of PST file from various versions of Outlook 2003, 2007 and more. Here it is worthwhile notifying that the graphical user interface is very much intuitively grasping for first time users of this software. This software is virus free making the user worry free about damage to file.

 Steps to repair PST:

  • Start the software in your Windows computer.
  • Select PST file from the list by previously choosing a particular option.
  • Choose either “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan” to perform scanning and fixing of PST file.
  • Save the recovered PST files in selected destination location.

A Better Way to Repair Freezing Outlook

Repair Freezing Outlook

I have got thousands of important PST files in Outlook application. Some of the items like email need to be forwarded immediately. Unfortunately, my Outlook application freeze suddenly and all the files are no longer accessible. I want those files back immediately. Is there a possible way to view those files immediately?

These facts can help:

Turn off the antivirus, switch off the computer for a while and then again switch it on. Now try to open Outlook application. Another method is to use built in tool i.e. ScanPST included in Outlook application. One of the above methods may work and freezing Outlook may get repaired.

Better solution:                                                                   

If the above said methods didn’t work, then using software like Remo Repair Outlook can help the user to view those precious files which the user gets eager to look at. This standard software is accepted worldwide to repair freezing Outlook.

Additional features:

Remo Repair Outlook is an awesome software which claims it’s efficient working by delivering the right results. This software is used by individuals as well as top notch organizations in order to perform freezing Outlook repair. The repair process is fast and error free in nature. It is capable to repair files which exceed Microsoft Outlook limit. It in general basis repairs all kinds of Outlook attributes like notes, emails, calendar, contacts, remainder, profile etc. The GUI used is helpful for beginner users to understand the steps to repair Outlook due to the better graphics provided by the software. Remo Repair Outlook is compatible with all the versions of Outlook like 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Possible causes of Outlook freeze:

The top reason behind any application related issue is virus attack. Outlook application is no a special case, a virus can severely damage the Outlook application to make it freeze for a while and waste user’s time. Keeping unnecessary number of emails in Outlook may also result in freeze of Outlook. Another reason is application exit. Saving the file and exiting the application does no harm to Outlook application. What really harms is the sudden exit of the application due to user or due to sudden power loss. If it happens then Outlook will get damaged. A PST file is generally limited by the file size constraints, so if the user happens to exceed this limit, then Outlook will get damaged.

Steps to repair Outlook:

  • Launch the software.
  • Select the appropriate drive and scanning method which is mainly normal and smart scan. Wait for a while.
  • Outlook is repaired and all the damage issues will be shown on the screen.


Always try to safeguard important file by saving it in appropriate drive. If not possible manually use migrate software and save important PST file in different Outlook version or profile. Delete unwanted PST files and reduce excess of PST file from computer. Use good renowned antivirus tool to remove virus from the computer having Outlook application. This way a lot of chances of Outlook getting freeze can be removed.

Splendid Sofrtware to Fix Errors in PST File

I had stored thousands of PST file in my Outlook profile, those files are now showing error message. Is it possible to make the PST file error free?

I was in a corporate company and had this task to forward the PST file to our clients. But when I tried to forward the files, Microsoft Outlook was not able to perform the operation and instead showed a message about the error in the PST file. When I rechecked with the technical advisor, he gave an open statement about the issue that Outlook has been crashed. I got furious and wanted to fix the file at any cost because it was important to our company’s reputation. Our advisor recommended some of the measures to avoid such drastic situations.

Helpful measures:

If possible try to maintain backup of important PST file in external memory device like memory card, pen drive etc. Always use UPS along with computer to avoid any PST file corruption in time of power loss. By using UPS, PST file error can be avoided to large extend. Moreover install antivirus software in computer to get rid of virus which can probably become the cause for PST file error in future. Avoid crossing the limit of Outlook PST file. It is different for different versions o f Outlook and a note should be taken that the threshold limit of 2 GB should never be crossed.

Yes it is possible to fix PST file error!

This was the ray of hope assured by our advisor who recommended the usage of application software namely Remo Repair Outlook (PST). Using this software user can stop getting worried about the result of repairing because of its hundred percent positive outputs.

Trusted features:

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is very dominant software in the PST file repair market. It hardly requires few minutes of duration to fix error in large sized PST file and some of the files require just few seconds to repair the file. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows like Windows 8, XP, 2007 etc. This highly acclaimed software can fix error in all forms of PST files like email, notes, contacts, calendar, RSS feed etc. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is compatible with all the versions of Outlook application for e.g. Outlook 2003, 2007. 2010 etc. The most desirable feature of this software is the error free fixing of corrupted PST file and allows the user to save the repaired file in the destination location in computer.

Helpful steps to fix error in OST file:

  • Download the software, install and launch it.
  • Select the PST file got error from the Windows computer.
  • Start the scanning process and choose the fixed files in the destination location in computer.
  • Save the fixed PST file and do make a preview using the preview option if required.

Good Rated Software to Repair Outlook Profile 2010

Can I shutdown my computer without closing the Outlook 2010 application?

The answer is “No” if you want to see your Outlook attributes like Outlook profile damage free. I was trying to open email in Outlook Profile but soon got stuck up with some other work and had to quit this email activity. I shutdown the computer without even closing Outlook application, the very next day when I tried to opened the application, I found my Outlook profile to be corrupt. This was very disturbing because my Outlook profile contained important items like Outlook notes, contacts, reminders etc. If you have ever fallen into such situation, then surely you would like to know few important precautions that can prevent such a disaster.

Some necessary precautions:

From the above case itself, it becomes obvious that Outlook 2010 profile should be closed before shutting down the computer or laptop. Moreover using UPS will be very much recommendable in this approach because in times of power loss it provides those extra crucial minutes to save any PST file and exit the Outlook 2010 application and thus avoids corruption. Usage of antivirus is also a very much recommendable step forward to avoid profile corruption, if any in future. If somehow profile gets corrupted, then user can look forward to use third party application to repair the profile.

Positive solution:

As there are many third party applications available in internet market to repair profile, but the one which has received most positive response from the user reviews is Remo Repair PST. This software is the exact software which you would be looking for if you want to deal with damage issues related to Outlook.

Brilliant Features:

Remo Repair PST is powerful software in terms of its method to repair damaged Outlook profile with the help of its advanced algorithm. The repairing of Outlook profile is error free for each and every time this software is made into use, thus giving user satisfaction. Remo Repair PST can also be used to repair other damaged Outlook profile like contacts, RSS feed, email, notes etc. The GUI used is worth mentioning, making the user easy at using this software. This software is compatible with most of the versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, 2007,8 etc. It can be used to repair profile from most of the versions of Microsoft Outlook application like 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

Other possible causes of Outlook profile corruption:

If the user has accessed Outlook profile from one computer and later on accesses it from many other computers, then such an act can result in damage of Outlook profile. Moreover file system corruption is also a major reason behind Outlook profile getting corrupted.

Steps to repair Outlook 2010 profile:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Launch the software and select the appropriate profile which needs to be repaired.
  • Select a location where the profile is to be saved.
  • Click next, the scanning and repairing process will start. Meanwhile use Save recovery Session option to pause and play the session.
  • After few minutes Outlook 2010 profile will be saved.

Fix Corrupt Outlook Profile

From past one year, I am being using Outlook 2010 application in my system for my business purpose. Hence, I use Outlook application to manage mails and to keep contacts with other businesspersons. But, yesterday I was unable to open my Outlook profile hence I could not able to access my mails. I have to fix this issue as soon as possible so please provide any feasible solution.

Do not worry too much; as this type of issues is normal in all versions of Outlook application, which can be easily solved with the help of ScanPST.exe tool, which is provided in Outlook application. Run the tool and try to fix issues. Usually, this tool comes handy for us when our Outlook application has corrupt or damaged due to virus attacks or due to any reasons. However, this application does not work when Outlook is severely corrupted or damaged. After knowing this a question may arise in mind that how to fix severe issues in Outlook. Do not worry; you can easily done with the with the assistance of third party application like Remo Repair Outlook which is more efficient in fixing any kind of issues are rose in Outlook application. Normally, this application get back access to your Outlook profile by fixing corruption issues in PST file which is associated with Outlook application. In addition, it restores all lost or deleted Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, deleted items, etc from PST file.

Various causes behind PST file corruption

Inappropriate usage of Outlook application: Each application has its own instructions to access the application in right way. Suppose your Outlook is in open mode and sending a mail to group then in such time if you abruptly exit Outlook by suddenly switching off power button then there are chances of PST file getting corrupt.

Virus attacks: PST file can easily gets corrupt or damage when it is severely attacked by many virus and other malicious threats. Once PST file corrupts severely then you are unable to open your Outlook profile and no data is rendered from it.

Oversized PST file:  PST file has size limit which is varies from Outlook version to version. Suppose your Outlook application PST file stores information beyond its size limit then it starts corrupting itself. Since this PST file stores all information of Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, RSS feeds, etc.

Improper upgradation: There are chances of PST file corruption while upgrading your Outlook application if it fails to complete properly due to sudden internet failure or shutdown of PC.

Whatever be a reasons behind PST file corruption you can easily fix this issues with the assistance Remo Repair Outlook application and can make users to access their profile easily.

Features of Remo Repair Outlook

  • Fixes severely corrupted, damaged or broken PST files
  • Supports all versions of Outlook application
  • Fixes Outlook issues on windows NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32 file system
  • Recovers lost or deleted Outlook attributes such as notes, folders, the calendar items, meeting requests, RSS feeds contacts, appointments, tasks and journals
  • Repairs encrypted PST files
  • Provides technical support to assist users to perform successful fixing operation


  • Do not share PST file over shared network
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus application
  • Do not keep large sized email attachment
  • Do not let your PST file to reach its size limit
  • Backup PST file

One of the Best Software for DBX File Repair

My DBX file got corrupted due to power failure!

This is the situation which happened to my brother who had created a long DBX file to be sent via Microsoft Outlook Express. He was just about to send the file to his superior when suddenly the power went off and that file got corrupted. Unfortunately he was not even using the UPS along with the computer. This was a serious issue because the email which he had created included variety of details collected from different sources. He again tried to open the file but it showed error message. He wanted the file back.

Is there any way?

He was very much confused and got disgusted. The real question from the reader’s point of view is that is there really any way to repair DBX file. Well the answer to the question is third party application software by using it user can solve their issue.

Trustworthy software:

Numerous software are available in the internet market which can solve the DBX file repair issue, out of these many software the most dependable is Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX). This software has made its name in the internet market and is comes under the class of top ranked software. Using this software user can find the ease of repair ability of this software.

Outstanding features:

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) is software which performs its operation of repairing DBX files in a reliable manner. It can be used to repair all kinds of DBX files like notes, reminders, contacts etc. This software is super fast and performs repair operation in a fast manner. This software is virus free software and does not require any re-inspection because it has performed its function for years. It supports the repairing of file from various versions like Outlook Express 4, 5, 6 etc. One appreciable feature of Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) is its graphical user interface which allows even the first time users to understand the repairing procedure within few minutes. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system.

Steps to repair DBX file:

  • Download and install Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX).
  • Launch the software and select those DBX files which are corrupted.
  • Select the destination location and once folder is selected, scanning process will start.
  • After the scanning process, repaired files are stored in the destination folder.

Other scenarios where software is applicable:

A user may accidentally exit the Outlook express application while creating a DBX file. This can be a chief reason for DBX files to get corrupted. Virus is also a main reason for corruption. User could possibly not be using antivirus in the computer and later download files from untrustworthy internet sites. In such a situation virus may creep along with the downloaded file, enter into computer and damage corrupted DBX files.

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