Fix Outlook not Opening Problems in Windows 7

As an Outlook user, there are times, where you may have come across certain problems while using Outlook like it crashes unexpectedly or sometimes refuses to open in Windows 7 system. Also, many times, while working on Outlook you might have come across error messages due to which you are unable to access Outlook data on your Windows 7 system. Even after terminating Outlook application and restarting it in order… Read Article →

Damaged MP4 File Repair on Mac

MP4 file format, which is a popular video file format was developed by Apple. It is a multimedia container format which stores audio and video. MP4 has better video quality and can be played on various devices like media players, phones, iPods, camcorders, and so on. But, there are times where you face certain issues with MP4 video file either while playing it or when you try to play it…. Read Article →

How to Retrieve Images from Olympus XD Card?

Olympus XD picture card is the finest compact, durable removable media which can be used in all XD compatible devices like cameras, camcorders and mobile devices. You would have stored lot of important videos, images and audio files in the XD cards. But file loss due to deletion or formatting is the frequently faced problems with XD card. It might have also resulted due to corruption or other software errors. You… Read Article →

Upgrading Android Smartphone or Tablet

People always want to take benefits of new technology when it releases. New up gradation has many potential benefits and brings lot of mind blowing experience to the user. Similarly, in case of Android smart phones and Tablet new features have been introduced often. But, most of the people don’t know the way of upgrading their Android smartphone or tablet. That’s why they are still using an older version. So,… Read Article →

Restore Missing Volume on Macintosh

Is your important volume is missing from your Mac system? Do you want to restore data from it? Then, don’t lose hope you still have a good chance of recovering missing volumes easily. Continue reading this page to know more… You might have stored lots of important files, images, folders, etc in volume of your Macintosh system. But, when such volumes go missing from the system, data stored in it… Read Article →

How to Shred Files and Folders Permanently

At certain point of time, you may decide to sell or dispose you Desktop / Laptop or may give to someone else. Before doing so, you should destroy the data stored in the system or else your data might be in wrong hands.  You might have stored many personal data like pictures, videos, confidential documents, etc. in your system hard drive. Hence, it becomes must to destroy sensitive data permanently… Read Article →

Recover Images from Recycle Bin

While viewing pictures on your computer, you found that some of them were not good and therefore you deleted them. But, later you realized that you need those photos back. However, this didn’t make you worry as you know that photos are safe in Recycle Bin. Now you have right clicked on the Recycle Bin folder to open and restore photos. But by mistake you have selected Empty Recycle Bin… Read Article →

Hard Drive Partition Recovery

Partitioning process helps you to organize your system files in order to facilitate your access to those files. Hard disks, USB drives, SD cards — anything with storage space needs to be partitioned. A unpartitioned drive can’t be used until it contains at least one partition, but a drive can contain multiple partitions. Partition is necessary and you can have two or more operating system in separate partitions on the… Read Article →

Fix MOV Files after Recovery

There are some factors which results in loss of MOV file from your system, camcorder and digital cameras. It is not a big issue as you can get them back by using recovery tool. But, the main problem arises when your recovered MOV file is not open or while playing there is no synchronization between audio and video etc. This happens due to corruption of MOV video and it is… Read Article →

Data Recovery from Samsung External Hard Drive

Samsung external hard drive offers an excellent alternative storage to its users. They work perfectly as data backup storage devices and they support all file types. Samsung HDD comes ready for almost all operating systems; Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX and so on. However, like in the case of any external storage device and its use, there are chances that you may end up losing your data once in a while… Read Article →