Hard Drive Partition Recovery

Partitioning process helps you to organize your system files in order to facilitate your access to those files. Hard disks, USB drives, SD cards — anything with storage space needs to be partitioned. A unpartitioned drive can’t be used until it contains at least one partition, but a drive can contain multiple partitions. Partition is necessary and you can have two or more operating system in separate partitions on the… Read Article →

Fix MOV Files after Recovery

There are some factors which results in loss of MOV file from your system, camcorder and digital cameras. It is not a big issue as you can get them back by using recovery tool. But, the main problem arises when your recovered MOV file is not open or while playing there is no synchronization between audio and video etc. This happens due to corruption of MOV video and it is… Read Article →

Data Recovery from Samsung External Hard Drive

Samsung external hard drive offers an excellent alternative storage to its users. They work perfectly as data backup storage devices and they support all file types. Samsung HDD comes ready for almost all operating systems; Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX and so on. However, like in the case of any external storage device and its use, there are chances that you may end up losing your data once in a while… Read Article →

Safely Backup Outlook Contacts

Contacts are valuable assets of Outlook which nobody cannot afford to lose it. Your Outlook address book contains valuable information of contact details like name, id, phone number etc. Hence it necessary to take regular backup of Outlook contacts to prevent loss of contacts due to unpredicted disasters like corruption of PST files, Outlook crash etc. However, Manual backup of Outlook comprises of only PST file, which includes calendars, emails,… Read Article →

Recover Lost Data from Outlook Calendar

Recovery of Outlook calendar events Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email application in many organizations. But apart from emails, Outlook supports other attributes like contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, etc. Among them calendar is one of the most important as it is used for many purposes like maintaining events, remainders, create appointments, view multiple calendars, easy linking of  calendars to Microsoft sites, sharing calendars, managing, subscribing, publishing and… Read Article →

Get Back Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails

Restore permanently deleted Outlook emails Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used applications in many organizations for communication purpose which is used from professional to normal users. All mails and other outlook information will be stored on MS outlook PST file. Whenever email is deleted from Outlook, it moves to the deleted folder and stays there for some particular time and later moves out of the deleted folder. Once… Read Article →

Repair Problems of OST File

OST files are offline storage table files that are used by Microsoft Exchange Server to save offline work when access to the mail server is not available. These are exact copy of user mailbox present in Exchange Server. When you are working in an offline mode, all your work will store in these OST files folder. Once server is connected this folder automatically synchronized to Exchange mailboxes. If you delete… Read Article →

Restore Deleted Outlook Inbox

Microsoft Office Suite is one of the very popular desktop software available on most of the personal computers and laptops. This application provides different attributes like Microsoft office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access and so on. Among many, Microsoft Outlook is one of the prominently utilized email application in many business organizations, IT sectors, educational institutes etc. Apart from sending and receiving mails, it also supports features like contacts,… Read Article →

Restore Emails after Scanpst Error

Introduction: Microsoft Outlook is the email application developed by Microsoft. It also provides user with various Outlook items like calendar, journal, notes, appointments, RSS feed, and many other Outlook items. All this items are stored in a folder named PST i.e. Personal Storage Table. But due to some reasons PST file may get corrupted due to which user is not able to access the data stored in PST file. User… Read Article →

Repairing Outlook Data File cannot be accessed

Microsoft Outlook Application is one of the most standard ways to communicate via emails in organization. Apart from sending and receiving emails, it also provides users to save and manage important contacts, appointments, events, notes and many others. All Outlook items are saved in one single folder named PST (Personal Storage Table). User can easily access and perform any action using this PST file anytime. Unfortunately, user may encounter situation… Read Article →