Impressive Software for Outlook Express Mail Recovery

Many a times Outlook Express has been seen as an upgraded version of Microsoft Outlook application. But it should be kept in mind they are basically developed in separate platform. Suppose user has been using latest version of Microsoft Outlook and later on wants to view the same content in Microsoft Outlook Express, then user may sometimes face problem while accessing mails. Sometimes not the complete content but only few content will be important. In such cases immediate recovery is the first requirement.

Simple scenarios:

Just like any other application proper care should be taken to make proper exit out of Outlook Express application. This action ensures that the mails which are stored in Outlook Express application remain safe. But if user frequently closes the application without saving any mail, then this will eventually result in losing of Outlook Express Mail files. Next main reason is virus attack, virus attack most commonly gives problem to all the files in computer, .DBX files in Outlook Express are no a special case. Moreover sudden power surge also results in loss of mail files. Also, network connection can result in loss of mail files in such application. Suppose user has initiated transfer of large number mail files from application to another application. While the transfer is still in progress, if user accidentally removes the LAN connection, then it can be the direct root for loss of mail files. More importantly user would have tried to receive or transfer files which are larger than the size of the file size limit in Microsoft Outlook application.

These scenarios require recovery and in immediate effect if the mails are important in nature. Remo Recover Outlook (DBX) is one of such software which hardly requires any inspection with regard to its reliability. This is well proved from the quality of the recovered mails from application. Moreover ratings and feedback which this software holds reinforces these facts.

Advanced features:

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) software recovers not only emails but also other attributes of such an application like notes, contacts, reminder, calendar etc. This Outlook Express email recovery software is well compatible with all other versions of Outlook Express application both older and newer ones. Another important feature of this software is the graphical user interface, the GUI used in this software is well understandable to event the most basic users who has never encountered any loss of mails. The recovered mails can also be stored at any location either internal or external to computer memory. All major versions of Windows operating system like Windows 2003, XP, 7 , 8 and Vista are compatible with this software.

Important measures:

User should take proper care to manage the mails stored in Outlook application, in other words these mails should be secure. First and foremost fast internet connection should be used to transfer mails. While transferring or receiving mails, size of the file should be kept in mind. At any time of usage UPS should be used to avoid power loss.

Robust Tool to Fix PST File Not Opening Error in Outlook 2010

Plenty of people across the globe depend on Microsoft Outlook for managing emails, contacts, keeping notes, etc. Microsoft Outlook uses a single file known as PST, which can store all these information. This file resides in your C drive and stores all the emails that you manage, calendar items that you create, tasks which you schedule, contacts you save and notes that you keep. There are many versions of Outlook available, Outlook 2010 is one among them and is a recent version. If Outlook data file (PST file) gets damaged due to any unidentified scenarios, then you cannot able to access your profile. At that when you try to open the profile you might encounter error messages like

“.pst file is not a personal folder file”

File access is denied, you do not have permission to access this file”.

However, sometimes you will not receive error messages but when you open the Outlook 2010, it simply starts and close unexpectedly. All these are symptoms of PST file corruption. If your Outlook 2010 data file gets damaged, this in turn results in Inbox corruption. If you are really worried about how to fix PST file not opening error in Outlook 2010, then try running your Outlook 2010 in safe mode and understand the basic reason for the problem. Outlook 2010 uses Scanpst.exe utility, which scans and fixes your damaged PST file. But there is no guarantee that it completely repairs PST file. If that file gets severely damaged, then this Scanpst.exe will not repair.  In such case, immediately go through Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool.

The Outlook 2010 PST file gets damaged due to following scenarios:

  • PST file header corruption: The file header stores info about the PST file like file size, file signature, compatibility, etc. The PST file very sensitive so, you should careful use it. Any damage to PST file header results in loss of Outlook 2010 data. It corrupts due to improper termination of Outlook 2010.
  • Errors during compacting: There is need to compact if the PST file is of large size. Errors during the compacting process end up with PST file corruption. This ultimately results in loss of emails and other PST components.
  • Antivirus scanning: In order to ensure safety of your system, you might use antivirus which scans both incoming and outgoing emails. It might interfere with the receiving and sending process lead to PST file corruption.
  • Other scenarios like improper file transfer process, oversized PST file, Outlook 2010 crash, virus infection, etc. are responsible for PST file corruption.

This tool is suggested by global users, which uses tow different scanning methods like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” to scan the PST file. In case if you do not know the PST file location, then it helps you to search with its “Find PST” option. It provides you free preview of PST file immediately after repair using the demo edition. Its high intuitive interface can provide complete onscreen instructions to repair PST file easily. It scans your damaged PST file, extracts the data and fixes the errors easily. In the whole process, it creates the new PST file and saves the file in it. Hence, original file becomes unaltered. This stand alone app can recover Outlook attributes along with inbox, sent items, contacts, calendar items, tasks, notes, etc. It is totally free from threats and infections to provide safe PST file repair process. Password protected and highly encrypted PST file can be repaired by this tool. By default it recovers deleted emails while fixing damaged PST file and includes them in new PST file. Even you can use this software on Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007 and supports Windows computers.

Special Utility to Recover Outlook Contacts after Synchronization

In order to manage emails for personal and professional communication best email client is required. MS Outlook is known as such email client, which is inbuilt with many features to manage Tasks, Contacts, Emails, Calendars, Journals, etc. It is used by small business owners, professionals and corporate people. All the attributes of Outlook are stored in a single file called Personal Storage Table (PST).  To keep Contacts up-to-date, it is necessary to synchronize the Outlook contacts. This in turn facilitates user to work fine in offline and online mode.

Synchronization process is an inbuilt method available in MS Outlook and it is referred to as very easy process. It happens commonly when the PST file gets updated and the changes made to contacts are automatically updated with the Exchange Server. Users can sync their Android phone or Smartphone to Outlook app. During this process, there is possibility that users may lose their crucial contacts. In such case, never lose hope as every problem has an ultimate end likewise, this one also has outstanding end. Do not worry about lost contacts, they can be easily restored by making use of any Outlook Repair app like Remo Repair Outlook. It can restore Outlook contacts after sync Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, etc.

Scenarios behind loss of Contacts from Outlook App:

File system conversion: File system manages all the files like PST file existing in the system. Because of installing unsupported apps, the file system gets corrupted. This in turn leads to loss of contacts and other files.

Abrupt termination of Outlook: While managing with contacts, if Outlook gets terminated unexpectedly, then there are high chances of losing contacts.

Oversized PST file: If the Outlook PST file exceeds its size limit, then it starts damaging itself and leads to loss of all types of data.

Other scenarios include PST file header corruption, improper upgradation of Outlook from one version to another, incomplete file transfer process, etc.

Due to these scenarios, the synchronization process gets interrupted and Outlook fails to carry out contact synchronization successfully. In such case, Outlook app may hangs or starts working slowly or may not work properly and display error messages resulting in Outlook PST corruption. Under such situation, it is impossible to view contacts and other attributes of Outlook. Hence, it is recommended to employ this multitalented software to recover Outlook contacts after sync. It is coupled with two scanning methods like “Normal scan” and Smarts can” and increases the chances of fixing even severely damaged PST file.

Further, it repairs damaged PST file and simultaneously restores erased Outlook PST file. It is completely read-only app, which does not damage your original PST file but it reads the original file and converts it into fresh healthy PST file in just matter of few minutes. It is free from viruses and threats, which is in turn increases success ratio in success ratio of accidentally deleted contacts. Its demo version helps you to check capacity of recovering contacts from Outlook app. It is a special tool to eliminate errors that Outlook displays while performing synchronization. It performs various functions on all editions of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Moreover, Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 are successfully supported by this simple to use software. Even users with no technical knowledge can use it for recovering Outlook contacts after sync.

Some important suggestions:

Make use of updated antivirus tool to scan Outlook application

Make appropriate use of Outlook app, never close it suddenly if it is open

Avoid interrupt sync process by suddenly closing Outlook app

Do not try to synchronize Outlook contacts if you are completely unaware of the process

Backup all crucial contacts such as other Outlook data

Cost Effective Software to Restore Outlook 2010 Calendar

Outlook is the reputed email client application especially used for business and personal purpose. With the use of this app, it is possible to access priceless emails and other attributes like Notes, Tasks, Contacts, RSS feeds, Calendars, Appointments, etc. It helps to maintain appointments, meetings and significant dates. It facilitates the user to share Calendars and integrates Calendars and communication via email to schedule meetings between Exchange servers. While managing with Calendar items, you may accidentally or intentionally erase them on Outlook 2010.

When you delete Calendar entries, they are transferred to “Deleted Items” folder. You can restore Outlook 2010 Calendar entries from that folder and such deleted entries will be held on the Exchange Server for 14 days or even more based on your settings. After completion of this period, all Outlook Calendar items will be automatically deleted. Only during this duration of time, you are able to retrieve deleted Calendars. However, once the Calendar entries are removed from “Deleted Items” folder, you lose them permanently. If such items were important for you, then the question arises how to retrieve Outlook 2010 Calendar? No need to feel anxious because there is an efficient utility is developed to restore Outlook 2010 Calendar. The utility called Remo Repair Outlook (PST) can perform such task in couple of minutes and incorporates step-wise solutions to carryout effortless recovery process. In addition to Outlook 2010, it is also used for Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007.

This tool is helpful in following scenarios:

  • PST file corruption:  The PST file gets corrupted due to improper termination of Outlook, PST file header corruption, improper Outlook upgradation, oversized PST file, etc. can result in PST file corruption. Thus, Calendar items become inaccessible.
  • Sharing PST file over network: Sharing PST file over a network may lead to high chances of PST file corruption due to virus and malware attacks, which in turn ends up with loss of Calendar items.
  • Synchronization errors: Any type of interruption while synchronizing Outlook 2010 with devices like iPhones or other mail clients or inappropriate synchronization ends up with loss of Calendar entries.
  • Apart from these, scenarios like Outlook app crash, sudden power surge while transferring mails or other data and usage of third party tool can leads to PST file corruption.

It is the excellent software to recover Outlook 2010 Calendar items that might be deleted or lost. In case of PST file corruption, it first fixes damaged PST file and then retrieves the needed items from it. It is read-only app because during the recovery process, your source file will not be damaged. It just extracts the contents from it and stores it in a fresh healthy PST file in Outlook 2010. In some instances Inbox repair tool fails to fix damaged PST file, then it works fine to repair it. It provides you two options to fix a damaged PST file and to recover deleted Calendar items, you have to select either of them based on the severity of PST file corruption.

You are able to search PST file on your system when you do not remember the exact location of your PST file. It fulfills user requirements by repairing and restoring password protected and compressed PST file in just matter of few minutes. It is rated by experts and certified as best tool in the word to perform Outlook 2010 Calendar recovery. It needs only less storage space to install it on your computer. Use its freely available demo edition to check out its performance. Once you feel compatible with its demo version, you can purchase licensed edition. Even it can get back user’s personalized settings such as signatures and the recovered Calendar items can be seen in Outlook style browser view.

Inbox Repair Tool Cannot Recover the Data

Tons of PST data got damaged, tried using Inbox repair tool, but no use!

Such a situation can be as tensed as it sounds. The intensity can be aggravated if the damaged data is important to the user. What if such a situation happens with Outlook user who has multiple of clients who should receive PST emails in order to expand the user’s business? In such damaged situations if user tries to perform repairing using Inbox repair tool and no file repaired, then it can be quite hurtful as well as costly because the number of clients will be at stakes having no connection with user due to non received mails. At this juncture, software called Remo Repair Outlook comes into action. This software performs actions which Inbox Repair tool cannot perform.  Some of the top scenarios of damage which this software is easily capable of tackling are explained below:

PST data damage cases:

Suppose user wants to upgrade Outlook application. So, while upgrading from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 or higher version, user may accidentally shut down the process while the up gradation process is still in progress. If this happens then all the data in Outlook PST will get corrupted and requires repairing. Moreover, if user is sending emails via Outlook profile, then while sending files if user abruptly gets out of the application; then it can also lead to severe corruption of data in the application. Another main reason is virus attack; virus has capabilities to evolve among itself by replicating. This ability of virus multiplies the severity by which Outlook data gets damaged. All the Outlook data like email, notes, reminder or profile itself can get damaged by virus.

All these damaging can be repaired by using inbox repair tool. But, at times this tool can also betray the user. So, depending on third party software like Remo Repair Outlook can prove to be helpful. The features of this software coupled with its reputation for perfect repairing makes it an obvious choice to be part of your computer.

Powerful features:

Remo Repair Outlook comes at handy while repairing files incapable for inbox repair tool; this is due to the efficient coding used in the software delivering perfectly repaired data. If inbox repair tool cannot recover the data, then this software can be your sure shot choice due to its incredible features used within giving perfect result. All forms of PST files like email, reminder, calendar and notes are recoverable using this software. This software is compatible with most of the version of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. The software is virus free posing no danger to the already existing data in computer.

Steps to recover Outlook data:

  • Download Remo Repair Outlook application in your computer.
  • Install and launch it for repairing. Next, find the PST file in computer from the two options available.
  • Click “Next” to initiate the recovery process.
  • Once scanning and recovery gets completed, a message will be shown indicating that the recovery is complete.

Best Software to Fix PST File on Windows 7

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for a long time but never gone through any situation of PST file getting corrupted!

The PST file which got corrupted was part of a client reporting email. Moreover it was urgent for the email to get repaired immediately to maintain healthy relations between the client and our company. So, technical advice was the practical answer to the solution. After talking for few minutes with the technical advisor the solution which came out of the session was to use third party application software. The immediate software which came in advisors mind was Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This software is exclusively made for Outlook application and when it was used to fix the damaged PST files, it worked out beautifully. So, this software thought of with great future prospective was adopted immediately in every Windows 7 computer in our company. If you have also faced PST file corruption scenario and looking for immediate fixing, then follow the given steps.

Steps to fix damaged PST files:

  • Download the software consuming hardly 50 MB of computer memory.
  • Install and save the repaired software in your Windows 7 computer.
  • Choose the PST file which needs to be fixed from the three available options.
  • Initiate the repairing process and wait for a while.
  • After repairing save the file in destined location.

Why choose this software?

While choosing the right software can be a tough job for mere beginner fixing software knowledge. But, Remo Software can make all your worries get vanished because of the essential fixing features which this exclusive software provides.

What this software provides?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software is capable of coping with even the dirtiest of PST file damage scenarios with ease. This software can fix PST files of all forms like email, reminder, notes, contacts and all other possible PST files. User even gets option to make a preview of repaired files prior to fixing, thus providing the user more convenience with respect to repairing. Also the graphical user interface used is very much creative to make even the most basic users understand the repairing of PST files within minutes. This software is compatible with all major versions of Windows computer apart from Windows 7 OS to fix PST file on Windows 7.

Few discussed scenarios:

Most of the times user messes up with PST file because of improper closing of Outlook application. If this happens file gets corrupted and can be repaired immediately using Remo Repair Outlook (PST). While sending large sized PST file using weak internet connection, then problem can happen and even the PST file will not be visible in the sent item folder. So, using good repairing software is advisable. Another popular reason which makes files getting damaged is due to file size extension. Moreover every Outlook application has its own file size. If user tries to send large sized file to Outlook profile, capable of holding files of smaller size. Then, again damage will happen and will require fixing by Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

Splendid Software for Outlook Data File Repair

All of my data files in Outlook are no more viewable, what to do now!

Such a situation can happen with anyone and an Outlook user should be prepared to face such a situation. I also faced a very similar situation. I was in my office busy in forwarding important data files to our clients, and then suddenly Outlook application stopped working. This ungraceful event left most of the Outlook files to stop from working because it got corrupted. Repairing of those files was crucial so we talked to our technical expert friend who made small inspection in computer prior to repairing. He found out that the main culprit behind corruption of these files was virus. As, I was not using any antivirus software my computer was prone to virus attack. Later, he advised me to use third party application software to mend the corrupted data files. But instead of directly making use of third party application, what a user can do?

Precautionary measures:

As explained earlier not using antivirus software can be quite dangerous. Another more important reason is the power supply. Most of the Outlook users face data file corruption due to power loss in computer. So, it is very much advisable to use USB power supply. A USB as we know provides backup power of fifteen to thirty minutes to save any unsaved files in PST format in those difficult moments of power loss. Another major reason making data files corrupted is due to OS getting crashed. An OS gets crashed due to hardware issue or due to the usage of third party application software. So, if user is about to send a prepared PST file, then in such an adverse condition of OS crash, a method to repair the corrupted file will be required.

Adequate method to repair PST files:

If user is confused in choosing the right software for recovery, then user can always go for Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This software is one of those software which performs repairing of corrupted PSTR file in a near perfect manner. Having this software in your desktop is like being on the safer side of the river.

 Additional features:

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is capable of performing repair of most type of Outlook files namely contacts, reminder, email, notes etc. This software is even capable of repairing compressed PST files which is hard for general repairing software. It just takes few minutes to repair even very large sized PST file. One of the prime feature of this software is that user can save the repaired file in any destination folder after performing outlook data file repair. Most of the versions of Outlook are compatible with this software like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010 etc. Also all major Windows versions are compatible with this software.

Main steps to repair Outlook data file:

  • Launch the software in your computer.
  • Select the PST file to be repaired by any of the three methods.
  • Start the scanning process and wait for PST file to get repaired.
  • Immediately after file is repaired, save it in the destination location.

Smarter Software to Fix PST after msmapi32 dll Error

If Microsoft Outlook user is not able to understand the msmapi32 dll error, then it should be understood by the user that it is nothing but error caused when user tries to install older version of Outlook. It usually happens when user is content with the older version and to experience the charm of older Outlook version. Thus it can be understood as when user is previously using newer version like 2007 and later wants to install older version like 2003. So, in order to install 2003, user should uninstall 2007. Unstallation of newer version will get completed, but while installing the older version, user will encounter error message msmapi32 dll clearly mentioning that user needs to reinstall older version. User would like to install the older version at times when newer version fails to work properly. This usually happens when user was reinstalling the newer version but suddenly power goes off or user switches of the power button. Such a situation may tend the user to install older version and eventually end up facing msmapi32 dll error and damaging PST files. So, what can be done to avoid such errors leading to PST file damage or even saving PST file. This msmapi32 error can be removed my navigating for this file and replacing mspapi32.dll to msmapi32.old. This way PST files can be saved from getting damaged. An easier method is there to fix PST file due to such error. But before introducing it, some precautions should be considered.

 How PST can be saved?

Maintain backup of PST files. So, even after these files get damaged, we can get back those files by seeking the saved PST files. Use UPS, so that scenario leading to above mentioned error can be reduced to large extend. The way which was previously mentioned was to use third party application software to fix PST.

Software fixing PST:

One of the most acknowledged software in PST fix industry is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This software accurately repairs the damaged file and is trusted one among its users.

Additional features:        

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) clearly performs the operation to fixvarious types of error like CRC which happen in Outlook including fixing PST after msmapi32 dll. It hardly takes few minutes of time to repair all worst scenario damage cases in Outlook. Moreover, it is worthwhile notifying that the repair is error free in nature.  Remo Repair can perform the repairing of PST file from various versions of Outlook 2003, 2007 and more. Here it is worthwhile notifying that the graphical user interface is very much intuitively grasping for first time users of this software. This software is virus free making the user worry free about damage to file.

 Steps to repair PST:

  • Start the software in your Windows computer.
  • Select PST file from the list by previously choosing a particular option.
  • Choose either “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan” to perform scanning and fixing of PST file.
  • Save the recovered PST files in selected destination location.

A Better Way to Repair Freezing Outlook

Repair Freezing Outlook

I have got thousands of important PST files in Outlook application. Some of the items like email need to be forwarded immediately. Unfortunately, my Outlook application freeze suddenly and all the files are no longer accessible. I want those files back immediately. Is there a possible way to view those files immediately?

These facts can help:

Turn off the antivirus, switch off the computer for a while and then again switch it on. Now try to open Outlook application. Another method is to use built in tool i.e. ScanPST included in Outlook application. One of the above methods may work and freezing Outlook may get repaired.

Better solution:                                                                   

If the above said methods didn’t work, then using software like Remo Repair Outlook can help the user to view those precious files which the user gets eager to look at. This standard software is accepted worldwide to repair freezing Outlook.

Additional features:

Remo Repair Outlook is an awesome software which claims it’s efficient working by delivering the right results. This software is used by individuals as well as top notch organizations in order to perform freezing Outlook repair. The repair process is fast and error free in nature. It is capable to repair files which exceed Microsoft Outlook limit. It in general basis repairs all kinds of Outlook attributes like notes, emails, calendar, contacts, remainder, profile etc. The GUI used is helpful for beginner users to understand the steps to repair Outlook due to the better graphics provided by the software. Remo Repair Outlook is compatible with all the versions of Outlook like 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Possible causes of Outlook freeze:

The top reason behind any application related issue is virus attack. Outlook application is no a special case, a virus can severely damage the Outlook application to make it freeze for a while and waste user’s time. Keeping unnecessary number of emails in Outlook may also result in freeze of Outlook. Another reason is application exit. Saving the file and exiting the application does no harm to Outlook application. What really harms is the sudden exit of the application due to user or due to sudden power loss. If it happens then Outlook will get damaged. A PST file is generally limited by the file size constraints, so if the user happens to exceed this limit, then Outlook will get damaged.

Steps to repair Outlook:

  • Launch the software.
  • Select the appropriate drive and scanning method which is mainly normal and smart scan. Wait for a while.
  • Outlook is repaired and all the damage issues will be shown on the screen.


Always try to safeguard important file by saving it in appropriate drive. If not possible manually use migrate software and save important PST file in different Outlook version or profile. Delete unwanted PST files and reduce excess of PST file from computer. Use good renowned antivirus tool to remove virus from the computer having Outlook application. This way a lot of chances of Outlook getting freeze can be removed.
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