Deleted Emails Recovery

“Due to extensive usage of Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving email, there was no enough space for other attributes like contacts, calendars….So, couple of days back deleted some of the unwanted emails using shift + delete combinational keys from Outlook. After which I realized that some of the important files along with unwanted ones was also deleted. Since, emails were deleted by shift + delete keys it has bypassed Deleted Folders even. Now, can I recover those deleted emails from MS Outlook?”

Absolutely yes, with the help of reliable tool called Remo Recover  restoring deleted emails can be performed in few simple mouse clicks. However, you find two separate softwares called Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) for recovering deleted emails from Outlook and Outlook Express.

Outlook is one of the prominently utilized email application in many business organizations, IT sectors etc. for sending and receiving email via internet. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express do the same work but they utilize different files for storing data. Microsoft Outlook Express makes use of DBX file for storing files, where single folder uses .dbx file format. Microsoft Outlook takes help of single .pst file for saving entire data including various attributes like calendars, contacts, appointments.

You might delete emails from Outlook accidentally or using delete option or using shift + delete commands or from command prompt. When emails are deleted from delete option or unintentionally by selecting delete all option will be available in Recycle Bin. If they are deleted by command prompt or using shift + delete keys then you will not find emails in Recycle Bin.

In such cases, do not conclude that deleted emails cannot be recovered forever from Outlook which is not true. The deleted emails will be available in your system until they are overwritten but cannot be recognized. That is the space occupied by deleted emails should not be occupied by new data before recovery process. If this condition is true, then deleted emails can be recovered effectively utilizing Remo Recover softwares.

Features of Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

  • It will repair corrupted, damaged PST files on all the versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and so on
  • This software is capable of repairing corrupted PST file that cannot be fixed with built in scanpst inbox repair tool
  • It provides two types of scanning process called Normal Scan and Smart Scan which can be chosen according to the level of corruption
  • Capable of identifying and recovering different attributes like contacts, calendars, appointments etc. from Outlook PST
  • With the help of this tool, you can find the PST file from your system without knowing storage location also

Features of Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX)

  • It has ability to repair DBX file and recovers emails from different versions of Outlook Express like 4, 5, 5.5 and 6
  • Repairs oversized, corrupted, damaged DBX files within few easy steps
  • Complete header of an email can be recovered
  • Without knowing the location of DBX file, this software can identify corrupted file
  • It will repair emails that are corrupted due to unreliable antivirus software

Other reasons responsible for deletion of emails

  • Unintentional Deletion – While deleting older files from Outlook PST or Outlook Express, you might accidentally delete vital mails along with them that results in deletion
  • Emptying Deleted Folder – Emptying deleted folders of Outlook PST or Outlook Express without rechecking it or unintentionally might leads to permanent deletion
  • Untrusted Antivirus Software – Usually, antivirus software is utilized to avoid harmful viruses getting transferred into your system. During this process, if it comes across any infected emails might delete without user conformation

Likewise, we might across numerous reasons due to which emails get deleted from Microsoft Outlook (PST) and Microsoft Outlook Express (DBX).

Useful tips

  • It is advised to maintain backup of vital files in any other storage device or drive
  • Install updated antivirus software on your system
  • Outlook should not be terminated improperly

Repair Errors in Outlook PST Files

Microsoft developed a multi-function utility called Microsoft Outlook to manage personal and business emails. Microsoft Outlook provides organizing and managing emails, notes, calendar entries, tasks and more along with instant messaging. Emails from multiple accounts, tasks, journals, to-do lists and every activity can be synced with Outlook. Since its first release with Microsoft Office 97, the MS Outlook has seen many changes and added features, with different versions.

Introduction to Microsoft Office Outlook:

Apart from E-mail managing software, Outlook included features like to-do lists, calendar entries, maintain contacts, tracking all tasks, setting reminders and creating notes. Combination of all these features made the later versions of Microsoft Outlook even more powerful and capable. Outlook contains large volume of important data- business and personal. Managing the data can be quite hectic sometimes. If, at worst, the data is lost or corrupted, it is a nightmare!

Thankfully there are ways to maintain Outlook files securely and also, there are easy ways to fix most of its errors. One can deal with all kinds of errors without professional help with a reliable repair tool.

When you run Microsoft Office Outlook on your computer you might be experiencing trouble while accessing a PST file. This could be because the PST that is being accessed is corrupt or broken. When this happens you will be viewing various kinds of error notes that may sometimes not be understandable to you. Here some of the most common Outlook PST errors have been listed out along with their probable explanation for their occurrence.

List of most widespread error notes and its explanations:

  • “The file xxx.pst is not a personal folder file” – You will see this error note while trying to open a damaged or broken Outlook Personal folders (.pst)
  • “Microsoft Office Outlook has detected a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience” – When the Microsoft Outlook program bumps into unexpected errors, it will flash this error note before exiting. The causes for this error could be many such as PST file corruption, insufficient system specifications, bugs in Outlook, defective program, etc.
  • “The Inbox Repair Tool does not recognize the xxx.pst file” – When you make use of Scanpst.exe tool to repair a corrupt PST and it not able to fix this error, the Inbox Repair Tool reports this issue
  • “Fata error 80040818” – When you make use of the Inbox Repair Tool to fix a large sized corrupt PST and the Scanpst.exe is not able to resolve it, this error note is flashed

General causes for Microsoft Outlook problems and their solutions:

Performance issues: The operating system containing Outlook application might not have the configuration to handle this version of Outlook resulting in performance issues like slow speed and unable to load

The Outlook data / files disappear all of a sudden: If there is any error in the PST and OST files due to any harm to them, all the data is in danger. Since MS Outlook stores all its data in a unique way, the data has to be located and backed up regularly in order to avoid such situations

Microsoft Outlook has reduced its performance: As a result of prolonged use of Outlook, the Outlook data has got too large and cumbersome. It is time to compact the PSTs using Data File Management option under File menu. The later versions of Outlook provide data file size up to 20 GB by default. But larger the file size, slower is its performance

PST or OST files corrupt or lost: PST files are the data files created by the user to store all the data and activities from Outlook. It is stored locally on the computer drive. OST files are offline storage files created by the Outlook as a backup and offline Outlook activity manager. Any harm to these files will result in data loss/ corruption

Other issues of Microsoft Outlook: blanks messages are received, outlook crashing, connection issues, issues in RSS feeds, search related issues and more

However in case of serious file damage, the Outlook files can only be repaired using an effective repair tool. Remo Repair PST is one of the highly recommended applications to recover and/or repair any lost and/or corrupt Outlook files.

Fix all the Outlook problems using Remo Repair PST:

Remo Repair PST is a multi-purpose tool which offers quick restore and repair facilities to its users. Its secure method of retrieving the Outlook data without any losses makes is a very reliable repair tool. Repair or recover all the Outlook files and view them for free. Once you’re sure about the data recovered. Purchase the full version to evaluate the save process. Learn how to repair a PST file with errors with the help of Remo Repair PST.

Converting OST to PST

An OST (Offline Storage Table) file is an Outlook data file which is available when you have configured Microsoft Exchange Server in your computer. When users uses OST file then it becomes possible for users to work even in offline mode, and when the network connection is available then by synchronization process the changes (such as removing mails, saving mails in drafts, editing mails etc.) gets applied to the OST file. So an offline storage file is not intact always as this file frequently gets synchronized with Exchange Server, thus an OST file is replica of Exchange Server’s mailbox. However these configurations are well suited for some environment but at the same time it cannot be used in certain situations. Therefore at times it becomes necessary to convert OST file to PST (Personal Storage Table) file, and the crucial stage where it becomes mandatory is when the Offline file is damaged or corrupted. Henceforth to convert an offline file you can make use Remo Convert OST to PST tool which is effective in performing conversion.

Situations where you need to convert Offline Storage File into PST file

  • OST file make use of ScanOST.exe tool which is also referred as OST Integrity Check Tool, this tool is used for syncing data between OST file and Exchange Server mailbox. Thus while synchronization there are chances that the sync may result incomplete due to which the OST file may get corrupted
  • An OST file is vulnerable to virus thus in case if your computer is severely infected by harmful virus then it is obvious that the file will be infected. Therefore in this situation the whole file get messes up and result in corruption. Therefore in order to accomplish the conversion task there are many tools which are available but converting OST into PST using this utility is much easier
  • Subsequently an Inbox Repair Tool which is also referred as ScanPST.exe can fix issues related to both data files of Outlook. Thus at times you may be fortunate that the tool may fix the issues but most of times it is observed that ScanPST.exe fails to fix issues of PST or OST file, this is because the tool cannot handle major issues and moreover while repairing the file it directly modify the file itself. Therefore if there is any interruption in between the process of repair then the partially modified OST file will result in corruption
  • Whenever you open Outlook then there will be some background process which gets initiated, thus in case if you terminate Outlook program incorrectly then these background processes don’t get ended up correctly. Therefore in this situation if you perform force shutdown then there are chances that the OST file will get damaged
  • At times you may get errors such as “The operation failed due to a registry or installation problem. Restart Outlook and try again. If the problem persists, please reinstall” and “Your offline folder file could not be configured.\\ComputerName\FolderName\Outlook.ost”. these kind of errors can cause huge damage to your data files associated with Outlook

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios there are many others situations by which you can come across OST file corruption, thus in this situation there will be necessity for converting OST to PST so that you can get back your important mails without any difficulty.

Benefits of using Remo Convert OST to PST

  • Can be easily installed as it consumes very less amount of space in your computer, moreover the tool is very easy to use which makes the process of conversion very easier
  • Conversion task can get completed with just few click of mouse; this is because the graphical user interfaces provided by the tool are simple and straight forward
  • If user does not have any knowledge about conversion of offline storage table into personal storage table, then by using this tool a user can make the task of conversion very easier
  • Supports conversion of OST file that is created by Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Remo Convert OST to PST is compatible with various versions of Windows such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
  • While converting OST file to personal storage file the tool ensures that the original file remain intact, so that if there are any interruptions like sudden shutdown etc. should not make the Offline storage file corrupt
  • If in case any user feels difficult in performing conversion then the user can easily take assistance from professionals who can support any time round the clock
  • You can even convert offline storage files that are encrypted or password protected
  • Apart from damaged offline file you can also convert a healthy offline file if you desire to do so

Outstanding application to repair Outlook 2013 PST file

In today’s corporate world number of people across the globe use Outlook 2013 profile to manage their official emails, contacts, calendar events, important notes, tasks etc. Outlook 2013 uses a file known as PST file which will be stored in the ‘C’ drive of your computer to manage your email messages, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar events etc. Sometimes, while working on Outlook 2013 profile you might face an error message stating your Outlook 2013 PST file exceeding its size limit or some other error message. This is because of your Outlook 2013 PST file corruption and due to this you are restricted from accessing your email messages.

Sometimes you won’t get any error message. But when you open your Outlook 2013 profile it just opens and closes immediately. This indication is also the sign of Outlook 2013 PST file corruption. In such a case run scanpst tool to fix the issues. If it fixes the issues then you no need to worry at all. But if it fails to issues then the level of corruption to your PST file will be high.

Are you worried and looking on how to fix Outlook 2013 PST file? Don’t be frustrated in such a situation as you can fix your corrupted PST file very easily with the assistance of repair Outlook PST tool and you can get access to your emails. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software can fix any issues associated with your Outlook 2013 PST file. It will fix your corrupted PST file even if the corruption level is high. It comes out with many outstanding features and some of them are:-

  • It repairs the PST files created on Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions
  • It also supports for corrupted OST files
  • You can even repair password protected PST files with the help of this tool
  • It has the capability to recover all Outlook attributes like calendar events, notes, contacts, RSS feeds, tasks, email messages etc.
  • Highly encrypted PST files can also be repaired by making use of this application
  • If you don’t know the location of your Outlook PST file on your system you can choose “Find PST file” option and find the file easily
  • This program is free from virus

This tool provides you with two scanning options. Depending on the severity of corruption you can choose either “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option. If the level of corruption is high then go for “Smart Scan” option otherwise use “Normal Scan” method. During the repair process it even recovers the email messages which has been deleted from the deleted items folder.

You must be aware of the factors which leads to the corruption of your Outlook 2013 PST file. The most common factors leading to Outlook 2013 PST file damage are:-

  1. When PST file reaches its maximum size limit then it will result in corruption of your Outlook 2013 PST file
  2. PST file header holds the information about PST file like file size, file type, creation date, signature etc. Any damage to this header will result in PST file corruption
  3. Abrupt termination of your Outlook 2013, software malfunctioning, Outlook application crash etc. can also result in PST file corruption
  4. When your Outlook 2013 PST file is affected by deadly virus infection then PST file may get damage

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) program does not requires too much of free space for its installation and it requires only 50 MB of free space for installation. It is available at very reasonable rate to the users. It is very fast and efficient. Hence it is the best application to fix your corrupted Outlook 2013 PST file.

Fast and efficient application to fix your PST data file

Worldwide millions of people are using Microsoft Outlook application for communicating with one another. Outlook has a proprietary file format that is PST file which is used to store email messages, contacts, calendar events, notes, RSS feeds etc. Sometimes your Outlook PST file might get corrupt when it reaches its maximum size limit or due to some other reasons which leads to damage to your PST file.

I am using Outlook application for communication purpose from 3 years. Since then, I did not face any issues with my Outlook profile. But yesterday morning when I opened my Outlook profile to access the mails, it was throwing some error messages, due to which I was not able to access my emails. Then I thought some minor issues might have affected my PST file and executed scanpst.exe tool to fix the problem. But unfortunately it was unable to fix the issues. I failed to analyze the level of corruption to my PST file. In such a situation I worried a lot as I had many important mails containing my new project details. I was frustrated a lot and thinking of how to overcome this issue. After some time I asked for a solution to one of my colleague and he suggested me to repair PST data file using an Outlook PST repair tool. Then I went through some of the tools over the Google. After going through all the tools and the user reviews I felt Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is the best application to repair PST data file and hence used it. In just few minutes the tool was able to fix my corrupt PST and was able to access all my mails.

Some of the factors why your Outlook PST file gets corrupt are:-

  1. When your PST file reaches its maximum size limit then your PST file becomes corrupt leading to inaccessibility of your emails
  2. When you abruptly terminate your Outlook profile while sending or receiving emails then there might be chances of getting your PST file corrupt
  3. If your hard disk has some bad sectors on it and if your PST file is stored on these bad sectors then there are chances of getting damage to your PST file
  4. Sudden power failure when you are accessing PST file also results in corruption of your PST file

Have you come across any of the above mentioned situation? Then don’t worry, with the help of third party application you can fix your Outlook issues easily. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one such trusted third party application to fix any issues with your Outlook PST file. It has many eye catching features. Those features include:-

  1. It not only fixes your damaged PST file but also recovers attributes such as email messages, contacts, RSS feeds, calendar events, tasks, notes etc.,
  2. It supports on all the versions of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Windows server 2003 etc.
  3. It has the capability to repair corrupted PST file created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  4. The emails deleted from deleted items folder can also be recovered with the help of this tool
  5. You can repair not only corrupted PST file but also corrupted OST file by making use of this application
  6. The repaired PST file is stored as a new PST file in your desired location to ensure the safety of the PST file

In addition to the above mentioned features Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software can even repair a PST file which is password protected. It is cost effective when compared to other repair tools. So it is the best application to fix your corrupted PST file.

Certified Tool to Fix Outlook 2010 Indexing issues

Hi, I am using Outlook 2010 since from one year without any glitches, but few days I am having problem with indexing issues in my Outlook 2010 application. Whenever I tried to access my personal or official emails, I am getting an error message stating “items not found”. Afterwards, I tried to identify manual methods to fix this error and my friends said that this issue is due to indexing. I don’t know anything about Outlook 2010 indexing issues and how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing?       

Well, indexing issue arises due to corruption of PST file. This type of problem is very common in all versions of Outlook. Before making use of best third party tool, first of all try to use built-in tool known as ScanPST.exe which comes with Outlook suite which will fix minor issues raised in Outlook 2010. In case, even after using this tool if you unable to fix it then you start wondering and think how to fix Outlook 2010 indexing issues? Don’t worry and use Remo repair Outlook (PST) utility to repair damaged PST file. It will clearly explain you how to fix indexing problem in Outlook 2010 with its onscreen instructions, so that you cannot face difficulty. This unbelievable utility scans damaged Outlook 2010 PST file and fixes the indexing issues by creating a fresh healthy PST file in just matter of few minutes.

Possible scenarios lead to indexing problems in Outlook 2010:

Index rebuilding is the best manual method which is opted by many Outlook users to solve indexing problems. If you come across any type of interruptions during this process, then the process go incorrectly and lead to corruption of PST file.

Outlook 2010 provides hi-tech features and when these features are not used properly or mishandled then it leads to Outlook 2010 data file corruption.

There are add-ins which are installed by default but not all add-ins work as expected. Thus, due to the installation of faulty add-ins, your Outlook 2010 PST file get corrupt.

You might face Outlook 2010 indexing issues due to software malfunctioning, inappropriate termination of Outlook 2010, virus infection, Outlook 2010 application crash, etc. In such case, you might receive an error message like “PST File Cannot be Accessed 0x80040119”.

If you come across any of the above said scenarios, then make use of this optimum tool to repair indexing problems in Outlook 2010, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2013. It is secure to use because it will not harm actual content of PST while during repair process. Furthermore, it allows all users to repair corrupt Outlook 2010 mailbox with few clicks of mouse. It is loaded with GUI which can be used by Windows computer users. In addition, it will recover appointments, journals, meeting requests, notes, schedules, etc. You can use it to repair password protected and bad PST file. This hassle-free product is virus and malware free and needs less space for installation on your HDD. It is entrenched with read only mechanism which makes sure that it will not damage original file while fixing PST file.

Helpful suggestions:

Don’t perform up gradation of Outlook 2010 profile without complete knowledge

Always terminate Outlook 2010 application properly

Magnificent Software to Repair Outlook 2010 PST File Not Valid

Numerous users across the globe use Microsoft Outlook 2010 profile for managing their personal and official emails, contacts and keeping notes. Microsoft Outlook 2010 profile has single file called PST, which is present in C drive of a computer and stores all the emails which is managed by user, calendar items that he / she create, tasks which he / she schedule and notes that user keeps. However, while working on Outlook 2010, user might receive error messages like “.pst file not valid” or “cannot be found”, etc. These error messages will restrict user from accessing his / her emails.

Nevertheless, at times user will not get any error message but when he / she open the Outlook 2010, it just starts and closes immediately. This indicates corruption of PST file. When the Outlook 2010 PST file gets corrupted, it ends up with Inbox corruption. In case you are facing this sort of issue and want to repair Outlook PST 2010 file not valid error message, then first of all try to run your Outlook 2010 profile in safe mode and you will get the clear idea behind PST file corruption. Outlook 2010 app has default Scanpst.exe tool to scan and repair broken PST file. But it will not work in case of major errors. Hence, you need to go with Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool to fix Outlook 2010 PST file not valid on Windows machines.

Frequently seen factors where Outlook 2010 PST file displays error messages not valid are as highlighted below:

  • PST file header corruption: File header preserves info related to PST file as file size, signature, type, compatibility, etc. If any damage to this header takes place, then PST file exhibits error messages.
  • PST index file corruption: PST index file gets damaged due to abrupt termination of Outlook 2010, software malfunctioning, Outlook 2010 app crash, etc. and finally you might receive PST file not valid error message.
  • Antivirus tool scanning: To ensure security of your computer, you might decide to scan both incoming and outgoing emails with updated antivirus tool. This in turn might interfere with the send / receive process and result in PST file corruption.
  • Other causes such as inappropriate file transfer process, oversized PST file, internet connection error, virus invasion, etc. lead to PST file not valid error message.

This tool makes use of two scanning techniques like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” to scan corrupt PST file. If you are unaware of the PST file location, then it will search the location using its “Find PST” option. It allows you to take free preview of PST file soon after repair process. Its non-problematic interface provides screenshots to help any user for fixing PST file. It just extracts the data and fixes the errors in Outlook 2010 data file. During the repair operation, it generates fresh PST file and saves the file in it. Therefore, original file remains intact. This seamless software recovers all Outlook 2010 items along with inbox, sent items, calendar items, etc. You can employ it to fix password protected and encrypted PST file. By default this Outlook 2010 PST repair tool recovers deleted emails during PST file repair process. It supports Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 with ease.

Friendly Software to Recover Outlook Personal Folders

Today afternoon I noticed some of my personal folders in Outlook are deleted and I don’t have idea what went wrong with my Outlook application. Hence, I checked in “Deleted items folder” but unfortunately there were no folders and even didn’t receive any errors. So anyone please help me to recover Outlook personal folders. 

Don’t worry, every Outlook user might face this type of situation. As Outlook profile provides facilitates you by offering personal folders for storing significant forms, archives and aimed to make the workflow feel natural, GUI, privacy improvement, remove barriers, responsive, etc. Hence, everyone prefers Outlook profile to store his / her personal folders. But at times while accessing your Outlook profile you might receive error messages like “unable to open personal folder default”, “Can’t Find Personal Folder”, etc. which indicates loss of personal folder. This is really a painful moment for anyone, so in order to get rid of such worst situation use a suitable tool to recover Outlook personal folders. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is such suitable tool that can recover deleted Outlook personal folders on all latest versions of Windows machine.

Probable scenarios result in loss of Outlook personal folders are:

Unplanned deletion: While doing some operation on Outlook profile you might accidentally delete the Outlook personal folder or while removing unnecessary folder from “Deleted Item folder”.

Antivirus tool scan: Antivirus tool scanning at times result in deletion of Outlook personal folder. In some cases, you decide to get rid of viruses and opt your system for antivirus tool scanning, this tool scans your entire HDD and erases severely virus infected personal folder.

Cut and Paste command: While executing Cut and Paste operation to move Outlook personal folders from computer to other storage device, if you come across any interruption such as sudden removal of storage device or abrupt power failure then that folder gets removed.

By means of this unbeatable software you can get back lost, deleted or missing personal folder on all versions of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It offers tow options to restore lost personal folders Outlook and to fix a PST file you can select any of them based on severity of PST file corruption. Furthermore, it will repair oversized and password protected PST file. This versatile utility will retrieve Outlook attributes including contacts, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, notes, meeting requests, etc. It will guide you throughout Outlook personal folder recovery process with its self descriptive steps.

It is embedded with algorithms to scan and fix broken PST file, pullout data generates a fresh PST file in Outlook without making any changes. It guarantees secure recovery of personal folder like Inbox, Sent item, Draft, etc. with few mouse clicks. When you are unaware of PST file location, “Find PST” option helps you to find it. Its demo edition provides free preview before purchasing the utility. It is 100% spyware or malware free and requires only 50MB disk memory. During the personal folder recovery operation, it keeps original file and related contents intact.

Useful tips:

Before deleting personal folder makes sure that it does not have important files

Make good habit of using Outlook application

Don’t allow your PST file exceed its size limit

Inexpensive Tool to Recover Email from Outbox Outlook 2010

Since 8 months I have been using Outlook 2010 successfully but today morning while sending office emails suddenly I got an error message stating mailbox is full and got stuck. After one hour again I tried to resend that emails but again got same error message.  In order to cope with the situation I turned off Outlook. Now my official emails aren’t in outbox. So, please can anyone tell me to how to recover emails from Outbox Outlook 2010? Anyone’s help is appreciated a lot.   

Do you ever come across above mentioned situation? If yes, then don’t worry! One thing is clear that deleted or lost emails from Outbox Outlook 2010 are not gone permanently because their address pointer gets deleted, so emails present in same PST file but they are in hidden format. Thus, by means of Remo Repair Outlook (PST), one can recover email from Outbox Outlook 2010, 2013, 2007, 2003 and 2000. It recovers all Outlook 2010 items including RSS Feeds, Journals, Appointments, Meeting Requests, Tasks, etc. You can make use of this perfect application on all latest versions of Windows Operating System. You can make use of this read-only tool to repair PST file which is protected using safety password. Furthermore, it will fix broken, inaccessible and corrupt PST file with few clicks of mouse.

Some scenarios lead to loss of emails from Outbox Outlook 2010:

Unplanned deletion: At times, you might be in hurry or without checking the contents of Outbox click on “Delete Outbox” option resulting in deletion of both personal and official emails.

Outlook application crash: There are various situations result in Outlook crash. For example: When you are making use of Outlook 2010 if your computer gets turned off suddenly due to power outage or any other interruptions, there could be possibility of Outlook 2010 PST file corruption. This might lead to loss of emails.

Improper termination of Outlook 2010: When you close Outlook 2010 improperly, the background processes of Outlook 2010 will still be in running mode. In such case, you might restart the computer means the process will forcefully get closed all of sudden due to which you lose emails present in Outbox.

Other causes including file system corruption, virus invasion, software conflicts, use of untrusted third party tools, etc. lead to loss of Outlook 2010 emails.

It is introduced with modern scanning technologies to scan and fix damaged PST file at your fingertips. It will just pull out data and generates fresh PST file in Outlook 2010 without making any changes. The demo form of this basic tool lets you to preview recovered emails after finishing repair process. This feature helps you to know its Outlook 2010 losing Outbox emails recovery. It is malware and virus free which ensures safe recovery of Outlook 2010 Outbox emails. This genuine application requires less disk space on your PC hard drive for installation. Once you finish with the Outlook 2010 Outbox emails recovery process, you can purchase its licensed key.

Safety precautions:

Make good habit of using Outlook 2010 to avoid its sudden termination

Before emptying “Deleted Items” folder check for any crucial emails in it

Install good and updated antivirus tool on your system to kill dangerous threats or viruses

Best Deleted Email Recovery Software from Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email application throughout the world. Different versions of Microsoft Outlook are available now which include Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Outlook application uses PST file to save all the data which includes email messages, contacts, important tasks, notes, calendar events etc. However, sometimes while deleting the unwanted emails you might delete your important emails from your Outlook 2010 profile. In this article I would like to share with users why users might face the issue of email deletion and how can they recover those deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook 2010.

You might be running shortage of memory in your Microsoft Outlook 2010. So you think of deleting some emails to free the memory space from your mailbox. While deleting unwanted messages from your mailbox accidentally you would have deleted some important mails. The deleted mails will be moved to the deleted items folder. But, these mails will be stored in this folder only for a specific number of days as set by you for example 14 days, 30 days etc. After the specified number of days those mails will get deleted automatically from this folder. Some days later you might feel some mails which you have deleted from mailbox were very important to you and you to find them in deleted items folder. But those deleted mails will be no longer available in that folder. In such a situation you may have worried a lot and completely disgusted. Don’t worry; it’s not a big issue as you can get back all your deleted emails from Outlook 2010 using Remo Repair Outlook (PST) application. It can easily recover your emails that were accidentally deleted using “shift + delete” option in just few minutes.

Why Remo Repair Outlook to recover the deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool makes it possible to recover all your deleted emails. You can recover emails created on any version of the Outlook i.e., Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It is designed with various user friendly Features which includes

  1. It supports even OST (Offline Storage Table) files
  2. The emails emptied from deleted items folder can also be recovered easily
  3. It not only recovers your deleted emails but also recovers contacts, important notes, tasks, journals, calendar events etc.,
  4. Provides the preview option so that you can view all the deleted emails before purchasing the tool

Hence, this tool is considered as one of the best Outlook 2010 Deleted Email Recovery Software. Moreover, it provides easy to use interface to facilitate even the novice users.

Some of the other scenarios wherein this tool can be used are:-

  1. Sudden power failure when you are working with PST file leads to corruption of PST file
  2. Severe virus infection on the PST file also leads to corruption of PST files
  3. Your Microsoft Outlook application crashes the PST file might get damaged
  4. When the PST file crosses its size limit then the emails, contacts and all other Outlook attributes becomes inaccessible

In these instances your Outlook 2010 PST file might get corrupt. But with this tool you can even repair the PST file and recovers back Outlook emails. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool provides you the option to search for the PST file on your computer if you do not know the exact location of your PST file. Also, the tool can even repair the corrupt PST file that cannot be repaired using inbox repair tool provided in the Outlook. So I advise users to go for this tool to recover their deleted emails from Outlook 2010.

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