Fixing PPT File not Responding Error

It might happen that, while doing some modification in one of your existing PowerPoint file, suddenly the file might suddenly get freeze or hang. You may also notice that not responding error gets displayed on the top of your PPT file. If you click over the file you will get a dialog box with three options. Suppose you choose “Wait for the program to respond” option then even after waiting… Read Article →

Recover Deleted Files from Mac Trash

When you are finding difficult to recover deleted data from Mac Trash, most of us blame themselves thinking that because of our carelessness we should lose crucial pictures. Let us explain one of my experience and will also tell how to find deleted pictures from Trash in few simple steps…. I am very crazy about capturing pictures where ever I go from my Smartphone and will transfer it to particular… Read Article →

WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage could be Banned by UK Government

Due to the terror attacks last year, the internet was protesting over a Draft Communications Data Bill where mobile operators and ISPs would hold records of communications for 12 months. UK PM David Cameron had put across a wish to ban WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage and the likes. Interestingly, recently WhatsApp had introduced end to end encryption. So Cameron may be thinking about this decision again. Does this mean that you… Read Article →

Amazon’s 8th Generation Kindle to Launch Next Week

Amazon will announce a brand new Kindle next week. Yeah!!! The news came directly from CEO Jeff Bezos who announced the news in Twitter. Bezos tweeted saying, “Heads up readers – all-new, top of the line kindle almost ready. 8th Generation details next week”. He also stated that the new kindle is seemingly close to completion, so it could go up for order soon after its launch. It seems that… Read Article →

How to Retrieve NEF Files

Unfortunately deleted / lost NEF files from Nikon Camera? Read this page to know more about NEF file recovery… NEF is used by Nikon digital cameras, SLRs & DSLRs. It is a RAW photo file format which provides the best image quality. They are minimally processed and need to be processed before they can be viewed. However, at times these images may get deleted or lost due to some known… Read Article →

Restore Missing Files after Cut Paste

The most common way to move files from one storage location to another is by using Cut Paste operation. However, sometimes, this operation may result to data loss situation. If there is any sort of interruption during Cut paste operation then some files may go missing without giving you any notification. For instance: You may want to move some important official documents to your USB drive, so you may use… Read Article →

How to restore deleted video files

Recently, I received my wedding video and I thought of transferring it into my system from camera SD card. But when I connected the SD card, there were many video files along with the wedding video, I selected those files without cross checking and deleted those unwanted files using shift delete command. Later, when I browse that memory card, I noticed that video was missing. I was so disappointed and… Read Article →

Restore Sony ARW Files

From day one, digital cameras have gained their popularity among its users worldwide with its attractive features and performance. There are variety numbers of digital camera brands, Sony is one among them. Sony digital cameras have attracted most of them who love photography as their passion or profession. This digital camera provides high resolution pictures with accuracy of colors. It has gained fame because of its amazing features which showcase… Read Article →

How to Restore Data When Memory Card Says Folder Empty

Recovering data from memory card displaying error message like folder empty is now made easy and secure with Remo Recover software. Memory cards like Compact flash card, Secure Digital Card, MMC, SDHC and so on are supported by this utility. Apart from this, you can even get back deleted, lost data from formatted, reformatted, inaccessible memory card. It is compatible on all available versions of both Windows and Mac operating… Read Article →

How to Retrieve Email from Crashed Outlook

Outlook may crash, freeze, hang or stop working at times which causes inaccessibility of data. It may also throw up error messages like “Outlook not responding” which clearly states that your Outlook application has some serious issue. You might have typed a large email and attached some 50 GB files to it. Due to some unknown reasons the Outlook may crash which lead to instant data loss. Let us analyze,… Read Article →