A Better Way to Repair Freezing Outlook

Repair Freezing Outlook

I have got thousands of important PST files in Outlook application. Some of the items like email need to be forwarded immediately. Unfortunately, my Outlook application freeze suddenly and all the files are no longer accessible. I want those files back immediately. Is there a possible way to view those files immediately?

These facts can help:

Turn off the antivirus, switch off the computer for a while and then again switch it on. Now try to open Outlook application. Another method is to use built in tool i.e. ScanPST included in Outlook application. One of the above methods may work and freezing Outlook may get repaired.

Better solution:                                                                   

If the above said methods didn’t work, then using software like Remo Repair Outlook can help the user to view those precious files which the user gets eager to look at. This standard software is accepted worldwide to repair freezing Outlook.

Additional features:

Remo Repair Outlook is an awesome software which claims it’s efficient working by delivering the right results. This software is used by individuals as well as top notch organizations in order to perform freezing Outlook repair. The repair process is fast and error free in nature. It is capable to repair files which exceed Microsoft Outlook limit. It in general basis repairs all kinds of Outlook attributes like notes, emails, calendar, contacts, remainder, profile etc. The GUI used is helpful for beginner users to understand the steps to repair Outlook due to the better graphics provided by the software. Remo Repair Outlook is compatible with all the versions of Outlook like 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Possible causes of Outlook freeze:

The top reason behind any application related issue is virus attack. Outlook application is no a special case, a virus can severely damage the Outlook application to make it freeze for a while and waste user’s time. Keeping unnecessary number of emails in Outlook may also result in freeze of Outlook. Another reason is application exit. Saving the file and exiting the application does no harm to Outlook application. What really harms is the sudden exit of the application due to user or due to sudden power loss. If it happens then Outlook will get damaged. A PST file is generally limited by the file size constraints, so if the user happens to exceed this limit, then Outlook will get damaged.

Steps to repair Outlook:

  • Launch the software.
  • Select the appropriate drive and scanning method which is mainly normal and smart scan. Wait for a while.
  • Outlook is repaired and all the damage issues will be shown on the screen.


Always try to safeguard important file by saving it in appropriate drive. If not possible manually use migrate software and save important PST file in different Outlook version or profile. Delete unwanted PST files and reduce excess of PST file from computer. Use good renowned antivirus tool to remove virus from the computer having Outlook application. This way a lot of chances of Outlook getting freeze can be removed.