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Fixing PPT File not Responding Error

It might happen that, while doing some modification in one of your existing PowerPoint file, suddenly the file might suddenly get freeze or hang. You may also notice that not responding error gets displayed on the top of your PPT file. If you click over the file you will get a dialog box with three options. Suppose you choose “Wait for the program to respond” option then even after waiting… Read Article →

Fix Outlook not Opening Problems in Windows 7

As an Outlook user, there are times, where you may have come across certain problems while using Outlook like it crashes unexpectedly or sometimes refuses to open in Windows 7 system. Also, many times, while working on Outlook you might have come across error messages due to which you are unable to access Outlook data on your Windows 7 system. Even after terminating Outlook application and restarting it in order… Read Article →