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How to Create VR Room

Clear Some Space Virtual reality goggles make you totally oblivious to your environment. Put a lot of separation (no less than 7 feet) amongst you and things you can break—or that can break you. Push the end table to the most distant divider, or even better, expel it from the room. Expel anything made of glass. Locate another place in your home for anything shin tallness. Dump the ceiling fixture,… Read Article →

Transfer Files from Memory Card to Computer

At times, you may want to transfer files from memory card to computer. Transferring data from flash memory card to computer is a simple process but you have to consider certain things when it comes to transferring data from a memory card to a computer. Like, most of the devices that use a memory card can be connected directly to a computer using a USB cable thus the data can be… Read Article →

How to Backup your Mac

Generally, our valuable data is saved on your Mac machine and there are instances wherein we may come across unavoidable data loss situations. These situations can be system crash, external threats or even accidental deletion of files that causes permanent loss of data. In order to avoid data loss situations, it is necessary to take backup of your Mac data. Here are few handy methods that will help you in… Read Article →

WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage could be Banned by UK Government

Due to the terror attacks last year, the internet was protesting over a Draft Communications Data Bill where mobile operators and ISPs would hold records of communications for 12 months. UK PM David Cameron had put across a wish to ban WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage and the likes. Interestingly, recently WhatsApp had introduced end to end encryption. So Cameron may be thinking about this decision again. Does this mean that you… Read Article →

Amazon’s 8th Generation Kindle to Launch Next Week

Amazon will announce a brand new Kindle next week. Yeah!!! The news came directly from CEO Jeff Bezos who announced the news in Twitter. Bezos tweeted saying, “Heads up readers – all-new, top of the line kindle almost ready. 8th Generation details next week”. He also stated that the new kindle is seemingly close to completion, so it could go up for order soon after its launch. It seems that… Read Article →

All About Mac OS X El Capitan! Updates, Issues & Fixes

Apple has introduced El Capitan which is latest version of OS X succeeding OS X Yosemite. This version of Apple focuses on performance, stability as well as more security oriented enhancements to its existing Unix-based foundation. Later, OS X 10.11.2 Capitan also includes improvements in Wi-Fi reliability. Features such as Handoff and Airdrop solve the issues that are associated with Bluetooth devices. Further, it fixes issues in the way Mail and… Read Article →

How to Fix Common Problems on Galaxy Note 4

It is quite obvious that most of us are sending most of our time with our smartphone whenever we are free. While accessing your smartphone, you may sometimes get into trouble and don’t know how to deal with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is therefore advisable to download the latest software version as this will easily fix and find out previous flaws and bugs associated with your device. To… Read Article →

Upgrading Android Smartphone or Tablet

People always want to take benefits of new technology when it releases. New up gradation has many potential benefits and brings lot of mind blowing experience to the user. Similarly, in case of Android smart phones and Tablet new features have been introduced often. But, most of the people don’t know the way of upgrading their Android smartphone or tablet. That’s why they are still using an older version. So,… Read Article →