Fix Outlook not Opening Problems in Windows 7

As an Outlook user, there are times, where you may have come across certain problems while using Outlook like it crashes unexpectedly or sometimes refuses to open in Windows 7 system. Also, many times, while working on Outlook you might have come across error messages due to which you are unable to access Outlook data on your Windows 7 system. Even after terminating Outlook application and restarting it in order to resolve the issue you might fail access to you Outlook.

However, most of these Outlook problems are related to PST file corruption, which stores all your Outlook data. As a result of this, you will not be able to access your emails, task list, contacts, calendar events etc. This situation makes you most annoying as you highly depend on Outlook data for personal or business use.

What are the reasons for Outlook not opening issue in Windows 7?

Improper Up gradation of Outlook: While upgrading Outlook on Window 7 system, it is necessary to follow some proper steps. In case, if you terminate the process forcefully or if you follow improper steps then that may damage your PST file and makes it inaccessible.

Oversized PST: If your PST file stores Outlook data more than its size limit, then the file becomes oversized leading to Outlook data file corruption (in case of Outlook 2003 and earlier version)

Using Unreliable Tool : Sometimes, you may want to move your PST file to another location due to several reasons like OS up gradation or Windows OS reinstallation, etc. Under such situation, if you use unreliable tool for transferring a PST file, Outlook data file may get corrupt and refuses to open.

Improper Termination of Outlook: While working on your Outlook or while accessing any attributes of it, if you terminate your Outlook abruptly or forcefully, then there is more chance of PST file corruption due to which it will refuse to open.

Apart from above mentioned reasons, there are many other reasons due to which you will not able to open your PST file like improper way of exporting and importing a PST file, due to faulty add-ins etc.

 Easily fix Outlook not opening issue in Windows 7

When your Outlook is not opening in Windows 7, then make use of Inbox Repair Tool to fix corrupted PST file issue. This application identifies and fixes the issues of PST file corruption by scanning your PST file and tries to rebuild the structure of the file. Since, the tool works on the original corrupted PST file, in case if it fails to fix Outlook problems then the PST file may get further modified, reducing the recovery chances further. Also, ScanPST has to be run repeatedly until it says there are no more errors in the PST file. But, sometimes even after running it many times, the errors may not be fixed and it may fail to repair Outlook issues.

Under such situation make use of repair tool like Remo Repair Outlook (PST) to fix Outlook is not opening issues in Windows 7 system. The application fixes the issues without damaging original PST file and keeps all your Outlook attributes safe. Not just fixing, this application can even recover permanently deleted Outlook items like emails, contacts, tasks, etc. securely.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) Software will efficiently repair any sort of PST file issues even when scanpst.exe fails. Even password protected, highly encrypted and large size PST file can be repaired easily with the assistance of this software. During repair process, the tool first reads and extracts data from the original file without damaging it and then fixes the issues accordingly by creating new healthy PST file thus by ensuring the safety of your original PST file.

Moreover, if you encounter error messages due to PST corruption, then this PST repair tool is the right solution to fix PST file error in simple steps. For easy importing of PST file, it generates repaired data file in 2003-2016 format. You can also install this program on any latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 10. For more information regarding Outlook not opening issues in Windows 7, refer

Other instances where Remo Repair Outlook (PST) can be used

  • To recover deleted Outlook attributes from Deleted Items folder
  • When PST file refuses to open and shows up error messages
  • When you are stuck with work offline issues
  • When Outlook fails to search anything due to indexing problem