Fixing PPT File not Responding Error

It might happen that, while doing some modification in one of your existing PowerPoint file, suddenly the file might suddenly get freeze or hang. You may also notice that not responding error gets displayed on the top of your PPT file. If you click over the file you will get a dialog box with three options. Suppose you choose “Wait for the program to respond” option then even after waiting for long time, it won’t respond and then you need to terminate the application.

If you face such issue frequently then it indicates that your PowerPoint file is corrupted under some circumstances. Yes!!! You read it right; there are many factors that can corrupt your PPT file.

Worried? Want to repair PowerPoint file?

If you have updated backup copy of PPT file then you can easily get it, but if in case you don’t have then don’t worry, you can easily repair Microsoft PowerPoint file that shows not responding error with the help of Remo PowerPoint file repairing software. This software will easily repair not responding PPT file within few easy clicks.

Remo PowerPoint File Repairing Software

Remo Repair PowerPoint Software will not modify original file during repair process as it works on read only mode. During repairing process, it analyze entire file and extracts all its content. Later, it fixes the issues accordingly and create separate healthy file.

It has an automatic wizard which will perform repair process without your intervention. The software can easily repair PPT, PPS and PPTX files that refuses to open due to any sort of corruption. The tool also recovers all PPT file attributes like formatting, text, images, sound effects, OLE object, fields including hyperlink, etc.

Features of Remo Repair PowerPoint Software

  • Ability to fix PPT error messages with ease
  • Repair PowerPoint file and retrieve it with original headers & footers
  • Repair corrupted PowerPoint files stored in hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc
  • Repaired file can be verified using Preview option
  • Fixed file can be saved in any storage destination location including CD and DVD

Supported Microsoft PowerPoint Versions: MS PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013

Supported Windows Versions: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Remo Repair PowerPoint Tool supported data loss situation

Improper Termination: While working on some large PPT file, if there is sudden termination of system or other interruption then, it may lead to MS PowerPoint file corruption. Thus, when you try to open the file next time, you might get error messages.

Third Party Tool: If you make use of some third party software to recover deleted or missing PPT file, then there are chances that the tool might damage the file during recovery process.

Round Tripping: If you frequently try to change the file extension of PPTX files then there are possibilities that your PowerPoint file may get damaged.

Other Factors: Other Scenarios responsible to PPTX file corruption is malicious threat, improper transferring, application malfunctioning and many more.

Some Safety Tips to avoid PPT file corruption in future

  • Maintain extra copy of important PowerPoint file in some reliable drive
  • Avoid round tripping of PowerPoint file
  • Never interrupt transfer process
  • Make use of secure third party softwares

Why Remo Repair PowerPoint?

PowerPoint File Repairing software by Remo has simple and intuitive user friendly interface so that user with less technical knowledge can also use it with great ease. You just need few simple mouse clicks to install the software in your system. Trial version of the tool is also available so that you can evaluate its performance before buying licensed version. In case, you have any doubt related to Remo Repair PowerPoint then you can feel free to contact 24/7 technical support team.