Laptop Hard Disk Crash Recovery

Recovering files after laptop HDD crash is simple and can be done in matter of minutes. For more information go through this article…In this article you will learn:

  • How to restore laptop hard disk crash recovery
  • Hard Drive recovery tool
  • Why its preferred?

Laptop HDD crash data recovery

There could be several reasons for your laptop hard drive crash and it is possible to predict it and secure data in prior. Some of the indications of HDD crash are occurrence of blue screens, slow startups, system rebooting itself etc. indicates hard drive crash in near future. In such situation, if you take backup then no worries. Since, its common human tendency, to forget to take backup. So, if you lose files due to laptop HDD crash then make use of Remo Recover tool which lets you to restore data from crashed laptop drive in short duration.

Before knowing about Remo Recover tool, let us know the reasons for laptop HDD crash:

  • Corruption of Master Boot Record might lead to HDD crash.
  • If the drive contains more fragments then it decreases the file access speed thus makes the system slow. If it’s not fixed in early stages then it leads to Windows crash.
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors could also result in Windows crash
  • Abrupt system shut down, repartitioning errors, improper formatting, etc. also result in hdd crash

When laptop drive crashes and is not booting then don’t think that your data is lost forever. Download, install Remo HDD Recovery tool and follow the simple procedure to get back files with ease.

Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool to restore files from laptop HDD

With Remo Hard Disk Recovery tool, laptop hard disk crash recovery is done by thoroughly scanning the entire hard drive and it recovers files. This tool can restore files of various formats such as documents, image files, ZIP archives, application files, PDFs, spreadsheets, backup files, etc. based on their unique signatures.

Facilitates, Disk Image option so that bad sectors present on laptop drives can be skipped and later you can retrieve data from these images. Besides, this tool can recover data from FAT 16, FAT 32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX formatted drives or partitions. Most attractive feature of this software is simple user-friendly GUI which provides self-introductory features and guides you throughout the recovery process.

Other scenarios where this tool can be used are:

  • If files are deleted accidentally while removing some unwanted ones
  • Deleting important files using shift + delete key combination
  • Files lost due to improper usage of cut paste command
  • Usage of unreliable third party application to restore files from laptop HDD might result in deletion of files prior to your notice
  • If the deleted file size is more than the assigned Recycle Bin size then deleted data bypasses the Recycle Bin which in-turn result in data loss
  • Data loss occurs due to interruptions like abrupt removal of the device form the system, OS crash occurs etc.
  • If the file system of laptop HDD gets corrupt due to some reason then you cannot access the data stored on the drive which in turn results in data loss.

Why Remo Recover software ?

  • Lets you to arrange recovered data on the basis of file name, file size, date and type of file
  • Supports various laptop Brands such as Acer, Toshiba, Compaq, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Sony, and so on.
  • Save Recovery Session option lets you to save the scanning process and resume it at any time and avoids rescanning of the drive
  • Facilitates you with the Preview option so that you can view your recovered data prior to restoration.
  • Besides, the retrieved data can be stored on any storage device or burned on a CD / DVD.
  • You can even compress the recovered data to a ZIP archive, to save the disk space.