Repairing Outlook Data File cannot be accessed

Microsoft Outlook Application is one of the most standard ways to communicate via emails in organization. Apart from sending and receiving emails, it also provides users to save and manage important contacts, appointments, events, notes and many others. All Outlook items are saved in one single folder named PST (Personal Storage Table). User can easily access and perform any action using this PST file anytime. Unfortunately, user may encounter situation where Outlook Data File may be inaccessible.

Many PST file users, many times may come across error message when trying to access Outlook Data file. This error states “Outlook Data File cannot be accessed.” Such error may occur mainly due to PST file corruption or damage. If such message is encountered then user may be in critical situation where important emails and Outlook files cannot be accessed. There are many common reasons behind such occurrence of error messages.

Some of the factors are explained below:

  • The most common factor for Outlook Data File corruption is abrupt termination of Microsoft Outlook application. If user is working on Outlook application and if there is sudden termination of Outlook due to power spike or sudden power failure will lead to PST file corruption. Next time when user tries to access PST file, error messages may be encountered.
  • If Outlook Data File gets severely infected by harmful external threats like virus, malware, etc. then there are possibilities that PST file may become inaccessible due to which an error message may pop up whenever user try to access it.
  • Due to any sort of interruptions while Microsoft Outlook Upgradation process can leads to PST file corruption. Thus user may encounter with error messages stating Outlook Data PST file unable to access when trying to open PST file.
  • Other common reasons that lead to Outlook data file error are bad sectors, PST size limit, sudden termination of system, etc.

Whenever user experience any of the above stated scenarios, first will prefer Scanpst.exe tool which is inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool. This inbuilt tool will solve corruption related minor issues but severely corrupted PST files cannot be repaired by scanpst.exe. At certain time user may think how to repair PST file cannot be accessed error? Technically speaking it is possible to repair outlook data file cannot be accessed error. User can make use of the most excellent software that will easily repair such kinds of issues within less amount of time.

Why Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool should be used?

Remo Repair Outlook PST can easily fix corrupted or damaged PST file with great ease. It has the ability to repair Outlook Data File cannot be accessed error with great ease. Along with repairing PST file is also recover deleted emails, notes, journals, settings, appointments, calendar, etc. Normally size of PST file limit is 2GB but sometimes due to excess storing of data in it can exceed its size limit which causes PST file corruption. Such corrupted PST files can also be repaired using this software.

It has the ability to repair PST file that are generated using all versions of Microsoft Outlook like Microsoft 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This PST file repairing software not only repairs PST file but also OST file with ease. In Outlook, whenever user deleted any emails, it gets stored in “Deleted Item” folder. The files deleted from this folder can also be recovered without any complications.

Salient Features of Remo Repair Outlook PST:

  • Ability to repair password protected PST file without any difficulties
  • PST file with high encryption can be fixed easily
  • Repaired PST file is generated in such 2003-2010 format for easy export
  • Facilitates option to search PST file whose location is not known
  • Can view repaired PST file items through Outlook Styled browser view

Additional features of Remo Repair Outlook PST:

  • It can easily be installed in all latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8.
  • This software works on read only mode thus while repairing process it will simply copy the original PST file and fix it keeping original file intact.
  • Free demo version can be used by user before purchasing registered one.
  • Professional support is provided to the user so as to solve user queries regarding Remo Repair products.