Restore Emails after Scanpst Error


Microsoft Outlook is the email application developed by Microsoft. It also provides user with various Outlook items like calendar, journal, notes, appointments, RSS feed, and many other Outlook items. All this items are stored in a folder named PST i.e. Personal Storage Table. But due to some reasons PST file may get corrupted due to which user is not able to access the data stored in PST file. User even can access emails stored in Outlook which leads to sever data loss situation.

What is scanpst.exe?

Microsoft Outlook has an in-built Inbox Repair Tool called scanpst.exe. This repairing tool helps user to fix PST file corruption and restore Outlook items including emails from it. It has the ability to repair all types of PST file corruption and errors. Whenever, user face any issues with PST file corruption, user always prefer Scanpst.exe tool to repair it.

Sometime, when the PST file is severely damaged or corrupted it is possible that Scanpst.exe tool fails to work properly and due to which some emails may be lost or deleted. Apart from this, Scanpst.exe files cannot recover emails from PST file that are deleted or lost by the user. There are some reasons when this inbuilt repairing software fails to work. Some of them are stated below:

  • When PST file exceeds its size limit which is 2GB then some data stored in PST file may be lost. When user go on saving new data in the PST file without realizing that PST file is oversized as such times some emails may get erased or lost without any warnings. Thus when such oversized PST file is fixed using scanpst.exe tool than those lost emails are not recovered.
  • Due to severe malicious attack on PST file may cause damage to Scanpst.exe tool. Thus when used to repair PST file it may display some error messages due to which some emails may get lost.

Why third party software?

If due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, if some of the important emails are not recovered from corrupt PST file then do not worry. It’s quite obvious that at such times user may lose hope of getting back their crucial emails back. Hence forth user can easily perform outlook email recovery scanpst crashes by using some third party tool. One of such secure tool is Remo Repair Outlook (PST) which will easily recover emails after Scanpst error.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software is the best application that will easily repair severely corrupted or damaged PST file. Along with repairing process, it will also recover all emails from PST file with other Outlook items like calendars, journals, settings, events, etc.  It supports repairing of PST file that are created using latest versions of Microsoft Outlook like Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Additionally, it supports fixing of oversized PST file with ease. It has the ability to recover files that are erased from “Deleted Items” folders. The software provides various levels of scanning process thus depending upon the severity user can choose scanning process. User can even repair password protected PST files within great ease. Some PST files are highly encrypted for security purpose. If such files get corrupted or damaged then it can be effortlessly fix using this tool.

This PST file repairing software can generate PST file in 2003-2010 format so that it can be imported easily. User can view repaired PST file in Outlook styled browser. It provides an option to find PST file whose location is not known. This PST file fixing software works smoothly with all latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8. It also supports fixing of OST file that are created on Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Why Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool should be used?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software is designed in very simple manner so that novice user can use it without any difficulties. This software is free from harmful threats thus it does not cause any damage to the computer system or laptop on installation. User can make use of free demo version to check its working mechanism before buying it. Free technical assistance is also provided in case any help is needed.