Restoring Microsoft DOCX Files

Have you deleted or lost Microsoft DOCX files from your computer? It is possible that you might lose an important DOCX file stored in your system under some circumstances. You might accidentally delete .docx files while sorting out some unused files or the file might go missing from the system due to some unknown reasons.

Such situations might be frustrating, as you cannot afford to create all those .docx files once again. However, if you have backup copy of your important DOCX files, then you can easily overcome data loss situation.

No backup copy? Worried?

You need not worry as you can easily recover DOCX files from your system with the help of Remo File Recovery Software. Yes!!! You read it right, but you need to STOP using your system soon after you experience data loss situation till you perform recovery process. If you save any new data in the system, then probabilities of file recovery might get reduced.

(Note: Do not download and install Remo Recover Tool in the same drive from where you have deleted or lost .docx files.)

Quick Recovery of DOCX Files

Remo File Recovery Software is the perfect answer for question how to retrieve DOCX file. The tool will easily restore DOCX files by deeply scanning your system. It will easily locate and restore deleted / missing DOCX files on the basis of its unique signature. The software will make sure that the original file is not damaged during recovery process. You can also search for particular DOCX files with the help of Signature Search option.

This recovery software will easily restore data from file systems exFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, and FAT16. You can also make use of this tool to restore .docx files after

  • Emptying Recycle Bin
  • Using Shift Delete Combination keys / Command Prompt
  • Improper Cut Paste operation

Features of Remo File Recovery Software

  • Can sort out recovered data by file name, type and size
  • Required data can be found from restored data list by using Find Tool option
  • Save Recovery Session will pauses or resume recovery process
  • Can evaluate recovery results using Preview option
  • Restored files can be saved in compressed ZIP folder

Other Features of Remo File Recovery

You can also make use of this software to restore other files such as songs, Microsoft Office files, photos, movies, ZIP achieves, etc. This recovery tool will restore around 300 types of files easily from all types of storage drives like external HDD, USB flash drive, FireWire Drive, memory cards, etc. You can also save restored data in any destination location that is accessible from your host PC.

(Note: Do not save restored data in the same drive from where it was restored till recovery process is completed.)

Some Data Loss Scenarios Supported by Remo File Recovery Tool

Transfer Error: Some files may go missing without any notification if there is any interruption during file transferring process between storage devices.

Accidental Format: You might unintentionally format important drive rather than formatting unused drive. Hence, it may lead to data loss situation.

Malicious Threat: If your system or storage drive gets infected by harmful malicious threats, then there are chances that it might delete some files without your observation.

Other Scenarios: Third party tools, power surge, defrag failure, sudden termination of system and many other factors can result into data loss situation.

Tips to avoid above mentioned loss of data in future

  • It is must to keep backup copy of important files in some reliable storage drive
  • Before deleting any files check whether correct file is selected
  • Cross check Recycle Bin folder before emptying it
  • Avoid interruptions during transferring process

Additional Features of Remo File Recovery Software

The file recovery software has simple and intuitive user interface with step to step guidance that helps you to recover files without any technical person’s help. The software is free from external threats, thus you can safely download and install it in your computer or laptop. You can make use of free trial version in order to check recovery results before purchasing licensed version. It also provide 24/7 technical assistance to solve queries related to the software.

Supported Windows Version: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP