What all you get with Apple’s new update to iMovie and Final Cut Pro

Apple on May 25th, 2017 has released a pair of updates for Final Cut Pro and iMovie, addressing a handful of issues and improving the overall performance and stability of both video editing apps. Final Cut Pro and iMovie are video editing tools designed for Mac users. Both iMovie and Final Cut Pro are developed by Apple, but they are for different people. iMovie, which is a basic video editing tool, was designed and released by Apple in the month of January 2006 that was for the beginners, whereas Final Cut Pro is an advanced video editing tool that is purely for professionals.

As iMovie is a basic video editing tool that was introduced long back and the first version of Final Cut Pro was also released long back, most of the Mac users are familiar with how to convert MOV videos using iMovie and Final Cut Pro editing tools. The basic version of Final Cut Pro was released by Apple on July 23rd, 2009 and its latest & advanced version is 10.3.4, which was released on 25th May 2017. Here you will find the new things that you are going to get with latest Final Cut Pro update.

Final Cut Pro version 10.3.4 that comes out with the latest update released by Apple resolves the problems that are presented itself when keyboard shortcuts are used for trimming secondary storylines.

This latest update also fixes problems that were resulted in the introduction of extra audio fade ins when conducting several editing operations, as well as incorrectly displaying a codec warning in share dialog.

The latest release of Final Cut Pro has arrived in 2016 with the introduction of 10.3 version. This version contained a refreshed user interface designed especially for Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. This App now offers Touch Bar access to editing tools, audio adjustment sliders, clip scrubbing, and much more.

Apple says that the latest version of iMovie, 10.1.6 improves the stability when updating libraries created with the older version of iMovie App. This release also fixes the bugs, which in few cases could lower the volume of clips after applying the transition.

Like Final Cut Pro, iMovie also received its recent update in 2016 that included Touch Bar compatibility. With minor bug fixes and performance improvements, Apple last updated Final Cut Pro and iMovie in the month of April 2017.

Final Cut Pro is available for USD 299.99 in Mac App Store whereas iMovie is available for $14.99 for users using older hardware.